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The Production Notes for Maps To The Stars: THE LIMO DRIVER:

“I think Rob was really happy to be part of an ensemble, but Jerome is also a critical character, a lovely character and it was a chance for Rob to give a more naturalistic performance. I knew he would be fabulous and he was.” - David Cronenberg -

 “Within two pages I was thinking wow, this is so unbelievably different and hilarious. I don’t even know what people are going to make of this, but it feels dangerous. It’s sort of satirical but it’s also a ghost story and it’s also a kind of thriller. It defies genre. Jerome would never accept that he is just a limo driver. I think he feels he’s just waiting for his break, and yet, he’s seemingly the only one in this story who’s not going insane — or who isn’t a ghost. He’s a fairly normal guy, which is slightly odd for me, as well.” - Robert Pattinson -

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